Personal mandala

Energy of one’s name and date of birth strongly affect the person. The number of branches on these personalized and unique mandalas is determined by one’s date of birth and color scheme is based on one’s name.

I mostly use only a person’s ‘missing colors’ when painting personal mandalas as he/she has something ‘task’ with these colors. That makes a mandala personalized and a form of color therapy. If the person who orders the mandala speaks about present difficulties, problems of the future mandala owner, I consider them when I create the mandala.

Mandalas affect us: they create a sense of harmony and order, as a method of orientation they help to find one’s way. A person’s own mandala affects most, thus it is worth putting it on a place that one can see many times.
I spend 3-4-5 hours with making a personal mandala and concentrating on the person who will have and use it. I collect all necessary information that belongs to the mandala, I note it down and give it over together with the picture.

The products are handcrafted and made on 100% silk floss.


Sizes and forms:
20 cm diameter circle
30×30 cm square
30×40 cm rectangular

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